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2018. Another year. What do I wish to accomplish? Of course I want to lose weight and exercise and clean the house and take better care of my skin. And also, of course, write another book. But on a day-to-day basis. I want to think. And I want those thoughts to go to work.  Maybe not go to work. To come …

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I Don’t Care

I love it when I remember something I didn’t even know I remembered. Yesterday a crazy memory bubbled up from somewhere in my addled storage facility. Years ago I took an evening art class – Watercolor Painting.  (Sometimes I wish I were British so I could type Watercolour. Isn’t that classy?  And I’d say “Whilst” …

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No Resolution Required!

I’ve made New Years’ Resolutions for years. (“I’m Going Big” and “I’m Going Small”) But this year, I don’t need a resolution. Because I’ve received a sign! A fabulous omen! From Groupon. Hypnosis. That’s right. Who needs resolve when you really just need a suggestion while you nap? I have been granted TWO sixty-minute sessions …

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I’m Goin’ Big

Every year for the last umpteen years, I make New Year’s Resolutions. I keep them modest, so that they are achievable.  Pick up my shoes. Walk on my treadmill twice a week. Save a few dollars. But even with very small goals, I don’t have much success. So this year – as long as I …

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