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On Aging and Kindness

When I finished college in the mid-70s, jobs were scarce. I searched for months to find employment. Of course, the fact that I was an English major with no discernible or useful skills probably played a small role in my joblessness. But after eons of fruitless resume-scattering, I received two job offers in the same …

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I was mean yesterday. Not mean like making someone cry, or repeating malicious gossip, or (worst of all) slapping the dog. Not mean mean. Just a little mean. I was rude on the phone. I heard from my doctor’s office that Medicare had my coverage screwed up. This was the first time I have used …

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Holy Cards

All my life, cards have been important to me. My mother understood the value of playing cards (“Best Little Things”)  – a cheap way to keep a passel of kids quiet. We learned Fish and War, Rummy, SetBack, Crazy Eights, Old Maid, and a jillion kinds of Solitaire. Then later it was Canasta, Cribbage, Hearts. I …

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Order Today!

My email and snail mail are full of birthday cards – all from vendors trying to get me to shop for my birthday. Which isn’t difficult to do, but I do appreciate the discounts. Most appropriate for my birthday is a catalog I received for the first time this week. I’m not sure how I …

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Someone’s Getting Older (and it’s not me)

Today is my oldest sister’s birthday. She’s now the magical Medicare number. She seems to be taking it pretty well.  I, on the other hand, am taking it rather poorly. It’s unnerving to have a sister on Medicare. It’s okay for my Mom to be on Medicare. But my sister? Medicare has always been my euphemism for …

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