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I Should Have Kept The Receipt

Last week, I wrote my husband’s inability to find the shaving cream. Although it wasn’t exactly hidden. And several people commented. Many said that they absolutely could have written this, since it appears we all have exactly the same spouse. But quite a few also commented that it’s not only men who can’t find anything. …

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Once Again, I’ve Hidden It

Oh, I’ve written a couple of times about how secretive I am. I am diabolical in the ways in which I hide things from my husband. (“Secret Agent” and “‘Where’s My Hat?’ Asked Waldo”) I was a meanie again this week. In the morning as I am leaving for work, my husband is making his …

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The Patron Saint of Nonbelievers

I used to describe myself, as “Spiritual, but not religious.” That sounded so nice, but it really had no meaning. I wasn’t a worshipper of spirits or a believer in any other-worldly things. I guess that, loosely translated, it meant that I was a moral person, because I knew that I was happier good than …

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Secret Agent

I am a hoarder of confidential information. You may think I don’t have many secrets – after all, I have shared my colonoscopy with you. And you’ve read about my bad boyfriends, my bad haircuts, my bad habits, my bad career choices. And you’ve met every member of my family, past and present – who …

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It’s Not Lost

Last night my husband was describing to me the best photograph he had ever taken – a monarch butterfly perched on a dewdrop on a flower.  He said that he loved that photo, because it was the most beautiful thing he had ever created. He lost track of that picture years ago, and he wondered …

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