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I Want A Do-Over

My last post was filled with sweet college memories. Because I am still filled with nostalgia for college – as I am every September – here’s a post from three years ago…   DO-OVER Every September, as I watch the kids go back to school, I get the same yearning. I wish it were me …

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The Boy Who Broke My Heart

I did not have a lot of boyfriends when I was young. I was a little self-conscious and nerdy, and could not figure out how to connect with boys, although I wanted to. But now and then, in my teens and twenties, I managed somehow to find myself with a boyfriend. I met Lee when …

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Why I Don’t Read True-Crime Stories

It was the summer I was twenty. I almost wrote that I was home from college for the summer, but that year, I actually commuted to college so I was home all year anyway. So let’s just say that I was on summer break from school. And dreaming of the Fall when I would actually …

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I Am So Ready

I’m taking a little time off, but I don’t want to take a chance that you’d forget me, so here is a repeat from three years ago. But it’s still true –  except for the 61 part. Now I’m 64.  And more than ready.   I’M FINALLY READY In the winter of my junior year …

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The Printer’s Devil

My husband took another shortcut the other day. He is notorious (to me) for taking shortcuts that are anything but. He once took a shortcut that added about forty-nine minutes to our drive home. (not that I was counting). I thought at one point I saw a sign that said “Welcome to Vermont.” Usually I …

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Every September, as I watch the kids go back to school, I get the same yearning. I wish it were me packing up Dad’s station wagon to go off to college. I’d take my favorite pillow, and those narrow twin-bed sheets and an Indian batik bedspread. I’d bring my popcorn popper to warm a can …

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The Popular Table, Part 2

In the summer of 1969 – the summer between high school and college – there occurred an event so enormous it changed my life forever. I know what you are thinking – Apollo 11 – the moon landing! The triumph of science and exploration! Umm.  No. Woodstock! I wasn’t there. In fact, I was so …

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Oh, The Irony!

Yes, my husband complained about the hardships of preparing a sandwich, while I was cooking dinner. (“Let’s Put It In Context“) But writing about that little incident reminded me that my husband isn’t alone in failing to recognize bad timing. Let’s go back a few years… forty to be exact. (Oh yeah, I still remember. It’s …

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