Nancy Roman

More Lessons From My Phone

Well, last week I bitched commented about how the interior design game I chose for my new phone wouldn’t let me win.

I took a positive attitude, describing how it was teaching me worthwhile lessons about whether to please myself or please others.

But in truth, I was pretty pissed disillusioned.

I am here today with updates.

I have won. A couple of times. It’s very satisfying. I win fake money to enter more contests. It’s very wonderful fake money.

But more often than not, I continue to lose.

But I have learned a couple of new lessons.

The first is that the folks who cheat are not just lucky – they are blessed. Because the way to cheat is to text your friends with photos of your designs, so they will know who to vote for. These guys have friends that will vote for them even if their designs are awful. Those are some pretty good friends. How nice is that?

And the second lesson is even nicer.

Because I have learned that sometimes (maybe even often) I have lost because the other designs are ACTUALLY BETTER than mine. That sometimes I am not the best. Sounds incredible, right?

But it’s very good to know.

And applicable to,


Just About Everything.


PS – Amazon is offering the Kindle version of my latest novel, SISTERS, SECRETS, AND THE JUNIOR PROM, for just 99 cents for the next few days. If you thought the sixties were groovy and that high school was confusing, this might be the book for you. And it has a few important things to say, that I snuck in there while making you laugh.


  1. Congrats on your win and fake money. it sounds like a fun game even if you lose.


  2. The cover on your book with the arm in a sling reminds me of my senior year in high school. Third week of the year my “song girl routine” was altered considerably because I ws playing soccer and an opponent kicked my leg instead of the ball … a very hard kick. I spent the next 6 months in a cast… my bones took a long time to heal. Ah yes, memorable days of our lives, huh?


  3. Lessons happen all the bloody time


  4. Good lessons to learn. And yet…to win is also fun. 🙂


  5. Felicity

    *checks to make sure no one is listening * Pssst, Nancy, I would happily vote for your room if you texted me a photo 😉


  6. Oooooo


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