Nancy Roman


I haven’t written much lately – let me rephrase that:

I haven’t been blogging lately.

But I AM writing. I’m working on a new novel. My target to finish the first draft is the end of June. Then comes all the rewrites and edits. As any writer will tell you, that is usually a longer process than the first draft.

There’s a good reason for this. When you’re writing, the most important thing to do first is just get it all down. Writer Anne Lamott calls this the “shitty first draft.” It doesn’t have to be good. It just has to BE.

Making it good comes later. And that’s why the rewrite takes longer.

But I haven’t given up on blogging. I love that too.

Writing a novel is a very solitary business. Until you are ready to share – with an editor, a reader – no one even knows what the hell you’re even doing.

But blogging is social. You write something. You share it immediately. And people respond. Blogging is communication right from the start. Writing a novel is only communication at the very end.

I love both processes.

It’s also a difficult time for all of us right now. Most of us have more time than ever, but stress is making it difficult to concentrate – to make the best use of that time. I refuse to feel guilty when I have unproductive days.

I hope you are being generous and forgiving to yourself too.

On days when I need a distraction, I paint. As I have already shared with you, I have been painting portraits of people who I admire. People who inspire me.

Here are my latest Hero portraits.

Eleanor Roosevelt
Greta Thunberg
Jimmy Carter

My blogs may be irregular for a while.

But I’ll be here.


  1. great portraits of these heroes, what we need to see about now. good to see you, and keep going with your projects, we’re out here and ready when you are –

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  2. Good to hear from you Nancy; you’ve been productive! Love those paintings!

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  3. I like your painting of Eleanor Roosevelt, you really captured her spirit.

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  4. Wow – your portraits are wonderful! What’s the new book about?


    • High School, 1968


      • Double wow – I would have been in Grade 11 in 68/69.


        • Close! I was in Grade 11 in 67/68. And so is the main character in the new novel.


  5. Linda Accuosti

    Nancy — we met a few years ago at Litchfield Community Center
    I’m really enjoying these portraits and wondering what size they are
    So inspiring!
    Thank you
    Linda A


    • Thank you. Most are small… just 5 x 7.


  6. It’s always good to hear what you’re up to. I love what Anne Lamott says about first drafts (not getting run over and having someone find it and think you threw yourself in front of the truck because your writing is so bad… that sort of thing) and rewriting is hard, lonely work. Your portraits are absolutely amazing! I especially love Jimmy Carter.


  7. Wow! A new novel, AND great portraits!


  8. Love the portraits. They were instantly recognizable.


  9. Busy is good and the portraits are so nice


  10. I’m enjoying not being productive all the time. Your portraits are beautiful.


  11. Glad to see and hear about what you’re up to. Thank you for sharing your wonderful portraits – and good luck with your book writing.


  12. Great portraits! You are so talented in so many areas. I, on the other hand, have Jimmy Carter’s neck.


  13. jerry33g

    We’re you teaching Yoga at Fess Parker Mobile Home Park a few years ago?.

    I sure enjoy your blog and paintings – Are the paintings (reproduced) for sale.

    May I suggest you do one of yourself?

    Jerry Gould


  14. Wow! Your paintings are really good! love your style. I’m OK with you not blogging if I get another of your books in the end. I really enjoy the first two. It’s remarkable that you are so creatively talented on so many levels. I would be grateful to be able to write or paint like you, never mind both. Now get back to writing that novel.


  15. I love the portraits! I also have found my blogging to have fallen off. I think, for me, I am processing more on social media than through my blog. Oh, well. Still writing. For me, that is the important part…not the where…but the fact. Keep going. It will all be good.


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