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Isn’t It Romantic?

In dubious honor of the Queen’s birthday, I am re-posting my only blog about the royal family. (Written 5 years ago – I can’t believe I have been blogging that long!)



When I was a little girl, my mother had a ridiculous idea that she was delighted to share with me.  Because I was such a princess, it was only fitting that I should marry a prince. Prince Charles, to be specific.


He was two years older than I, and a perfect match in her mind.  Through my grammar school and high school years, she followed his every move to ensure that he was being a good boy, and in my college days, she cut out pictures of the Prince of Wales and sent them to me.

(This wasn’t her only fantasy:  My mother and father took a dream vacation to Monaco when my brother was in college, and she sent him a postcard signed, “Love, your fiancee  Caroline.” He had it on his bulletin board for years.)

The day that Charles became engaged to Diana Spencer, my mother called me at work.  I had turned thirty a few weeks before, but apparently my mother hadn’t quite grown up.

“I don’t know why he couldn’t have married you!” she complained.

“He didn’t date too many of the girls from Eastern High,” I explained.

We all know what happened to Charles and his Princess.  Not happily ever after.

The real-life fairytale changed, and we heard all the sordid details about Charles and the wicked witch.  Or rather, Camilla.

Perhaps because of my many years of imaginary betrothal, I have always had a tender affection for the strange Prince.  And I have wanted for many years now to defend his honor.  So here goes:

Isn’t it romantic?

I mean, just think about it.  Charles met Camilla more than ten years before he met Diana.  He loved Camilla.  But she was “unsuitable”.  He gave her up and she married someone else.  Charles married Britain’s choice – the lovely Diana.  But Charles never stopped loving Camilla.  After Diana died, she was not only England’s princess; she was its beloved saint.  Camilla was despised.  And Charles loved her anyway, and eventually married her anyway.

I cannot for the life of me understand why women don’t think it is the most romantic story of the century.  He had beautiful Diana,

and he loved homely Camilla.

Isn’t it romantic?


I guess it might have been the gross phone calls.



  1. I’ve always found it a bit of a tragedy but a romantic one at that. And as I see him and Camilla, how strong and good they are together now, after so many years, it does seem that the romance is worth noting.

    Pity he was a spineless fool. Pity Diana was young, immature and ruthless. Pity Camilla was also weak. But I’ve seen my friends exhibit the same behaviour too…

    Royalty -they are just like us.

    I think Prince Harry should marry a Canadian. I know just the gal: a smart girl, accountant, one of the ppl, a blogger and fit boxer…

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  2. I hope they can be happy at last. Love doesn’t make sense. It just is.

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    • I always felt just a little bad for Charles – maybe because of our long-term imaginary engagement. He really is sort of a tragic romantic figure.


  3. Love this blog. And 5 years of blogging? How awesome is that?? I just had a blogging anniversary too! Us young chicks know a great platform when we see one!


  4. Relax...

    Charles, Camilla, even Diana — we all need someone to escape to, someone who thinks we’re special –as is. Someone who allows our humanity but truly loves us anyway, be they considered “suitable” or not. I would rather encounter/work with eye-livening passion of heart than cold propriety. But why didn’t your mom pick Elvis for you??

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  5. But Charles, let’s face it, was never that comely himself. I thought from the get-go that the Charles-Diana union was a debacle in the making and found the media’s determination to spin it as a fairy tale romance so irritating. If only I’d written Charles and Diana and warned them! Think of the years of unhappiness I might have saved them!


  6. I think that the thing about Camilla that stuck in the public craw is that they carried on their affair during his engagement to Diana. He was never honest with her. She was young, inexperienced and naive – she really believed he loved her, meanwhile he and Camilla were exploiting her – Camilla even gave him special cuff-links as a wedding gift with their initials intertwined etc. If any man had treated our daughter the way Charles did Diana, my husband would have had his guts for garters.
    Diana was very isolated. Sure she became difficult, ditzy, manipulative – but C&C were – to a great extent – to blame. The British public warmed to Diana, she was really good with people, so crowds wanted to see her more than Charles, he became jealous and petulant, it was a toxic situation and went from bad to worse. However she showed unconditional love as a mother for her two boys, and their early childhoods were, as a result, very different from the usual for royal children. After their marriage ended, the Royal Family tried to wipe her out of the picture, when she was killed, after the shock, I’ll bet there was a secret sense of relief that she was gone. However her sons and the British Public refuse to let her be forgotten – and when Charles eventually becomes King, there will be a right old hoo-ha if he tries to make Camilla Queen. She is thought to be culpable for the destruction of a marriage and of a young woman, and whilst people are content that he should have her at his side, she will not be easily accepted in a higher role.


    • They way that William is being touted with the press these days and his “Royal” visits suggest that when the time comes, Charles will be passed over. I often wonder if Lord Mountbatten had not been killed he would have guided Charles on a more sensible path and that none of this would have happened.


    • sweetsound

      I think I heard Charles gave up his right to the crown and passed it on to William when the time comes. I haven’t bothered to research it though so grain of salt.


      • I have a lot more sympathy for Diana that it seems in this post. I thought her lovely and victimized by her position. I believe she tried her best to make a positive difference in the world despite her own unhappiness.


  7. I agree with you that it is romantic, but agree also with the comments that Diana was badly treated.


    • I agree that she was victimized by the royal family. But the worse they treated her, the more the Brits loved her. That was her revenge.


  8. iamsallyrose

    Congratulations on your five year anniversary. No anniversary for me because I can’t remember when I started blogging. In any case, I hope your mom finally accepted Charles’ other choices. I always wished that Paul McCartney would wake up and realize that I was his true love. Or George Clooney. Or Pierce Brosnan.

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  9. Reblogged this on ugiridharaprasad.


  10. I remember exactly where I was and who I was with when princess Diana was killed in that car accident. Funny what the mind holds onto!
    5 years of blogging is amazing. Congrats! Btw-I do love your blog, and I admire your perspective on life.💜


    • I do too. I was at a bridal shower for my husband’s godchild, who I barely knew. I felt a little like I was a minor character in some strange novel.

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  11. Ray G

    What is also REALLY romantic is those elastic panties you pointed out on your twitter thing.


  12. I am glad you reblogged this post. I think it is a romantic love story too. Sad that he will probably never be King. Cheers and happy birthday to Queen Elizabeth – she has handled the problems of her wayward children with grace and in the public eye!


    • She is certainly not perfect, but I admire her strength and perseverance.


  13. I think it is good that Charles is obviously happy with Camilla but a tragedy that he was not able to marry her in the first place and avoid all the hearbreak it caused. I don’t entirely blame him because he and Camilla were young at the time and Royal protocol was hard to buck. Look what happened to Princess Margaret when she wanted to marry a divorced man, Group Captain Peter Townsend.
    Lord Mountbatten while fond of Charles had his own agenda, I believe he wanted Charles to marry his granddaughter Amanda. I do think that he treated Diana badly by continuing the affair behind her back however.
    Still if Charles had married Camilla first Princes William and Harry would never have existed. Some things are just meant to be I suppose.


    • I think it must be both wonderful and horrible to live one’s life completely in public. Like you are not even an individual person – just an image.

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  14. Pam

    Yes, I agree it is a more romantic story. Maybe Charles and Camilla’s love is like John and Yoko’s soulmate kind of love – the kind a girl would die for.


    • I often think it compares to Edward and Wallis Simpson. Was he wrong to give up the throne for her? And although romantic on the surface, what if they didn’t even love each other after a while? The only good thing about the whole abdication thing, was that it seems that Edward was not a very good person after all. Better the way it all worked out.


  15. My mother wanted me to marry a golf pro. I’d visit her and dad and they’d have the TV on to some golf tournament and mom would say, “That guy would be a perfect husband for you.” Really? Hard to believe, quite frankly. Anyway, I married the perfect husband the 2nd time around and he’s no golf pro, but he’s an authentic, caring, and giving human being.


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