Nancy Roman

Best Dream Ever!

I have ordinary dreams.

Except when I was a kid.

I was nightmare prone. I couldn’t hear a ghost story without weeks of recurring and terrifying nightmares. And so, of course, my sisters and all the kids in the neighborhood just loved telling me scary stories. And I wanted to hear them. Because for my whole life, nothing is better to me than a good story. Funny, sad, scary. Just tell me a story.

As I got older though, I began to see the connection between horror stories and the frequency of my nightmares. So I have tried to stay away. No Stephen King for me. (although I read “On Writing” and “11/22/63.”)

And while I am on the subject of “11/22/63” – I have always been a bit of what they call a Conspiracy Nut. I was twelve when JFK was assassinated. And I believed, even back then, that we were not hearing the true or whole story.So I have read numerous books and studies. At one point, I read so many books in one month, that I developed a new kind of nightmare:  Lee Harvey Oswald was standing at the end of bed, watching me sleep.

That’s when I cut back (a bit) on my assassination research.

And my dreams since then are ordinary.

I dream that I am back in school, and I have to take a final exam for a course I didn’t realize I had registered for, and have never attended a single class. (I have been out of school for decades – but this is still my most common dream. You too, I bet.)

Or shopping. I always dream I am shopping. Often I’ll throw in the complexity of being late for a huge event, but I NEED to buy an outfit. I am a very good shopper, but I tend to be a terrible shopper in my dreams.

Lots of people make cameo appearances in my dreams. Like, every member of my family  – close or distant – and every person I ever worked with. They just pop up and disappear again. Once, in a shopping dream, I turned around in the store and the Beatles were behind me. It was very cool. And then they were gone. And in the morning, the radio said that John Lennon had been killed.

That’s not to say I’m psychic or anything. That’s about the only premonition I have ever had. And it was probably just a coincidence. But it was creepy, and it would be fun to be creepy again once in a while. Like with an ability to pick Kentucky Derby winners.

But this week I had a GREAT dream. I woke up laughing. (And if any of you out there are dream interpreters – I would love to hear what the hell this one means.)

My husband and I had adopted. A squirrel.

We had raised this little squirrel and he was one smart squirrel, so we sent him to school.

And in the dream it was Squirrel’s high school graduation. and he wore a little black cap and gown and we were very proud of his academic accomplishments.

At his graduation celebration I told Squirrel I had a present for him, and I brought out this huge electric bass.


And Squirrel was SO disappointed, because the bass was like ten times bigger than he was.

I kept a straight face for quite a while. And then I laughed, and said,

“Only joking, Squirrel!  The bass if for ME. So I can accompany you. Here is your real present.”

And I took out this tiny little guitar – exactly squirrel-sized.


And Squirrel was delighted. And he played a tune right then and there, still wearing his cap and gown.

And he was GOOD.

That Squirrel could SHRED.



  1. You are a gas. I often dream of wandering through the halls of my high school, having forgotten my schedule and where the rooms are and I’m always late. And, of course, high school was many MANY years ago. I don’t have shopping dreams, but I do go through lots of buildings and underground passages and factories to get wherever I’m going. Which I don’t think I ever get to. Thanks for the laugh.


  2. Deborah the Closet Monster

    Hee. I used to have wild nightmares of leading revolutions against alien invaders and the like. I wonder if limiting horror was part of what made my dreams calmer.


  3. Dreams are so crazy. Everything makes perfect sense in them until I repeat it to someone. But they’re usually pretty funny in their craziness. Yours was very funny! That’s one lucky squirrel. 🙂


  4. I always dream I have to climb very steep stairs and they teeter/totter. Like Dr
    Seuss stairs. Or have to get on an escalator that goes very very very fast, very very high and is next to impossible to get on or off of. Or drive up an overpass that is extremely steep and the car starts to roll backwards. And odd because I love heights.


    • Interesting. I often dream that I am backing up my car, and for some reason, I just can’t seem to get my foot on the brake, and I start going faster and faster in reverse, and I can’t stop. Sometimes I think it means I am very afraid that I am going backwards in my life.


      • I’ve often wondered what those dreams mean…going up higher and higher is the theme…and not being able to control it. The HS one is very common, although not one I have ever had.


  5. Ray G

    I sometimes wonder whether it would be a good thing, or a curse, to have the training to accurately analyze what our dreams really mean. How do psychs react to their own dreams?


    • Hmm… I wonder if they are suggestible enough to start dreaming their patients’ dreams? (that might be a good story!!)


      • Ray G

        Just between you and me, kid, I think “might be” a good story is a giant understatement. Go for it.


  6. I used to dream about school and the 6th form I never attended (could never find my class), work at a job where I was made redundant, and taking up smoking again. The latter I always used to wake up feeling guilty as if I had, and believe me, that is one thing I would NEVER want to repeat in my life.
    The most popular one though was about toilets, or rather wanting ‘to go’ and there was always something wrong with the cubicle to stop me (no loo, loo half way up wall or hanging from the ceiling, door would disintegrate on closing, loo door led into a wide open space with no privacy etc). This always occurred when I was worried or anxious about something, so I took it to mean that I was under pressure and had to find an alternative way to relieve it.
    Have absolutely no idea about Rockin’ Squirrel, unless it’s something to do with a wish for yourself from yesterday which you wanted to pass on to a child you sadly never had?


  7. Christine

    My recurring dream was that I had to catch a train but I was on the wrong side of the station. I could see the train coming but I couldn’t get across the tracks to get it. I know it had to do with work anxiety because I haven’t had it once since I retired!


    • I once actually missed an important business meeting because there was no parking space at the train station. So glad those days are over.


  8. I started having a very specific re-occurring nightmare when I was 12. Every night. It was terrifying and I was beyond scared to fall asleep. I developed insomnia, which I have to this day. When I was in high school I had an English teacher who encouraged me to write about it. I was hesitant as I didn’t want anyone to know about it. He promised no one ever would. I wrote about it and it started happening less. Once a week, then once a month, then once a year, until I hardly ever had it. There are times I forget about it altogether and then it sneaks in.
    Unfortunately, I never remember any of my good dreams.


    • What an interesting therapy! How wonderful that you had a teacher who could help you like that – and also encourage you to write!

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Thanks for the chuckle! So glad to hear of a FUNNY dream!


    • I don’t remember ever having a funny dream before! What a treat!


  10. Sniff sniff, squirrels grow up and leave the nest so fast!!!! 🙂 I like to use dream to explain. Sometimes the symbols are spot on!


    • I worry now that my Squirrel will be exposed to all kinds of unwholesome activity in college.


      • Well, now you can only hope you gave him the proper tools and knowledge to make good choices. Sigh.


  11. Dana

    That is one of the cutest dreams!

    Unfortunately, I have dreams, where I have some sort of pet, that I forgot about, and have to find it, to feed it. I feel guilty for neglecting the pet, and anxious that it might starve!


    • Oh dear, I will pray for your future pets and/or children.


      • Dana

        I don’t even know what kind of pet it is in tne dream, but I am frantic with worry!


  12. I have a degree in psychology. Allow me to interpret your dreams…


  13. I had one prophetic dream. I dreamed my Mom and Grandma were in a living room talking. I was sitting there listening and they were catching up on everything that had happened since Grandma died. They were having the best time and I was enjoying listening to them talk. The very next night, I was awakened at 3 am with the news that Mom had just died. I keep the image of the two of them having so much fun together in my heart.


  14. That’s cute, Nancy! That would make for an adorable book!

    Before I had the lasik procedure done on my eyes, I would have dreams where I couldn’t find my glasses. You know, think Velma in Scooby Doo. But they really would be scary dreams becsuse I was pretty much blind and of course there would always be some bad guy or something I had to get away from.


    • Your subconscious obviously wanted you to FIX that issue!


  15. That’s a strange dream. I wouldn’t know where to begin with the squirrel and oversized bass. I’ve had psychic dreams. I dreamt I was on a bus and seated near two girlfriends I hadn’t seen in years. The next week I ran into them both at separate times. That freaked me out. There’s so much we don’t understand. Shiver.


    • I would love to be just a little bit psychic… but I am only a little bit psychotic.


  16. Very interesting dream, would love to see the interpretation of that one. I never use to dream, well that is not really the truth. I never use to remember my dreams, ever. I was not nightmare prone either, no matter the horror stories I read or the movies I watched; with one exception The Exorcist, that one kept me awake.

    Lately though I have been having nightmares. They wake me, sometimes I remember them. I don’t understand them, but I remember them. It is very strange.


    • Have you changed your diet or any medication lately? Might be as simple as that..


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