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Monthly Archives: July, 2012

You Can’t Take It With You

It’s time for my husband and I to go on a little vacation. Everyone looks forward to vacation. Everyone but us. My husband and I are not good travelers. We hate leaving our precious things. My husband hates to leave his garden. And his kitties: But we do need to get away for a bit. …

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When Heartthrobs Need Pacemakers

In September of 1964, my heart did a pitty-pat. Oh sure, I had been swooning over The Beatles for six months already, but I loved them in that screaming little girl sort of way. My September crush was a grown-up love for a sexy man. I was thirteen. And in love with Illya Kuryakin. Illya …

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I’ve been searching the internet for a language course. I’ve tried Rosetta Stone, Berlitz, Pimsleur, even LiveMocha (whatever that is) – but they didn’t have what I was seeking. Then I thought I might need a more technical course, since I’m looking for a business language, so I tried LincolnTech, and DeVry. I even found …

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I was a really skinny kid. My knees were the biggest part of me. Big bony joints set in the middle of some weird twigs. It doesn’t matter so much when you are eight. Everybody’s knees are scabby wonderlands anyway. Miniskirts were popular when I was in high school in the sixties. I was still …

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Slimmer In Seconds!

Thank Goodness! My first trip to the beach this year was somewhat traumatic. But my next trip is going to be perfect. Because just sent me the most fantastic beach tips:  “How To Fake Slimmer In Seconds!” And it’s so easy! 1. Break out the sparkly nail polish.  Use a flesh tone though, because, …

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I Missed The Train

The current heat wave reminds me of the first time I ever wanted to be a grown-up. Some kids can’t wait to grow up; but not me. I liked being a kid. I could not picture life without dolls and make-believe.  Being an adult looked awful, almost as bad as being a boy – who …

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Don’t Be Cruel

Years ago I was in love with an uncaring snob. (I called him Bluto in my post, “Kissing Frogs”; not because he was a bully like Popeye’s Bluto or gross like Belushi’s Bluto. He was oblivious Bluto.) To say our relationship was one-sided is a pathetic understatement. I was in love. He barely remembered my name. …

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Taking My Own Advice

It’s time. Time to go to the beach. In my bathing suit. Saturday was hot and clear, and so my husband and I got up early. I blew off my Zumba class and put on my new bathing suit. (This is tricky -I need the class in order to wear the swimsuit, but if I …

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