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Being Kind – To That Special Someone

You!  I mean You! In my obsession with Kindness this year, I have written about the many kindnesses we should extend to others, and the many kindnesses that others extend to us. But Kindness starts in the mirror. Why do you have to be so hard on yourself? Can’t you see how wonderful you are? …

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Doggy Bag

That instrument of scientific, well-documented information dissemination – the internet – tells me that Grapefruit is making a comeback. I’m so glad. I like grapefruit, but I certainly wouldn’t eat grapefruit if it was out of fashion. It’s a good thing I didn’t know was out of fashion. So I have been spared. But you …

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Where The Heck Do I Put It?

Now that I am on this fitness kick –  (Bear with me; it’s a stage. Think of it as the Terrible Two’s of the Sexagenarian Set.) –  I’ve added Walking to my Zumba/Yoga routine. Walking is a great activity for several reasons.  It’s easy. The weather’s getting nice. I can wear my new skinny jeans. …

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