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One Size Fits All

It’s no secret – (because I have no secrets – I’ve written 256 posts over the last two years; there is no detail of my life not in print)  – that I like big girl underpants. High in the waist and low on the legs – the kind that make me look like I am …

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Fountain Leaks

My Fountain of Youth has sprung a few leaks. Since I decided that I would be forty-six instead of sixty-one, most everything has been going pretty well. My hair is blonder and longer. I’m slimmer and fitter –  what with zumba-ing my ass off, and yoga-ing off those flabby wings that my upper arms used …

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I figure I can squeeze one more post out of my nephew’s wedding. And “squeeze” is definitely the right word –  my subject is Shapewear. Shapewear used to be called girdles. I am old enough to remember girdles. When I was fourteen, they were the only way to keep my stockings up.  They didn’t have …

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