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When Reality Disappoints

There is an author I greatly admire. She is a novelist and essayist, a columnist and, well, I guess although the word is out of fashion, you could also call her an orator. She is profound and brilliant. She is also on Twitter. And so I am following her on Twitter. I am a fan. …

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Famous Again

About a year and a half ago, I became momentarily famous around the world. But not in a good way. Now I have become famous again. It is in a much much better way. However. I am not directly famous. My dog Theo is getting the credit. But I swear – I solemnly swear – …

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When You Don’t Feel Like It

I’m trying to concentrate on Kindness this year. Practicing Kindness is pretty easy when you are being appreciative to those you love or considerate to benign strangers. Holding the door for someone with an armload of packages or buying a treat for your spouse is a piece of cake… (literally, if that is the treat …

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No Thanks

This Thanksgiving, I am not only thankful for all the wonderful things I have – I’m thankful for all the things I don’t want. I have always been the type of girl who wants everything she sees. I consider this an asset. If I like everything, then it means I am really easy to please, …

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