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It was appropriate that as we approached the beach the radio was playing,“She Wore An Itsy-Bitsy, Teenie-Weenie, Yellow Polka Dot Bikini.” Not that what I was wearing was itsy-bitsy or teenie-weenie or even yellow polka dot. But it was a bikini. And I was afraid to come out of the locker. I had promised my …

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Taking My Own Advice

It’s time. Time to go to the beach. In my bathing suit. Saturday was hot and clear, and so my husband and I got up early. I blew off my Zumba class and put on my new bathing suit. (This is tricky -I need the class in order to wear the swimsuit, but if I …

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Swimsuits. Seriously.

I described my last post – Sharing Swimsuit Secrets – as serious. But as usual, it was silly. However, I do have something serious I want to say on the subject. There will be silly stuff in here – I can’t help myself – but actually, this is one of the most earnest little essays …

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Shhh…I’m Sharing Secrets For Successful Swimsuit Shopping

And I sell seashells by the seashore. But seriously; this is serious stuff. Shopping can be fun. Bathing suit shopping – not so much. That’s why I haven’t shopped for a new swimsuit for six years. So imagine my surprise that I have just endured this process and I am still partially sane. And I am generously …

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Above Average

Things got a little wormy –as in, ‘opening a can of’ ‘ — last week. I wrote about my friend’s experience while shopping.  She wanted to try on a dress that another woman was holding, and the rude woman informed my friend, “It’s a six – Not a sixteen!” I was appalled that someone could …

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