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Corporal Mysteries, Part Two

A year ago, I wrote about a few strange things that seem to be happening to my middle-aged body (Corporal Mysteries). I was especially concerned about my eyebrows. And I have written three separate posts about eyebrows, so I guess my concern may be bordering on obsession. But nevertheless. I don’t understand why my brows …

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Peau De Quoi?

I am more than willing to try anything that will make me look younger. I will stand in line. I will pay pretty big bucks. But – although I am often a beauty-fool – there is a little tiny piece of my brain (located right near the place that makes me wash the plastic forks) …

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In my obsession with youth, I write a lot about beauty products. I am willing to try just about any cream, lotion, oil – my favorite youthenizer is always giving way to my next favorite youthenizer. And then there’s makeup  –  I love primer, foundation, concealer, highlighter, blush, bronzer, eyeliner, shadow, powder. And lipgloss, lipstick, …

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