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Five Things You Deserve

Summertime – which also means time for a summer re-run. Here’s a post from three years ago – something I originally wrote for the Huffington Post. ***   FIVE THINGS YOU DESERVE NOW   Years ago, when I was single – I’d say young and carefree, except I wasn’t quite that young, and I’m not …

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You’re Fine

Last year I wrote about Being Kind – To That Special Someone. Meaning YOU. I think in this difficult time – and in good times too, all time, really – we need to be a lot nicer to ourselves. Use the good china. Buy yourself flowers. Take a walk and look at the trees instead of your phone. And please, please, please – Don’t be …

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Feeling All Of It

This week a friend posted the following quote on her Facebook page: And I thought – Yeah!  That’s Me!  That’s Totally Me! And I started to reflect on all those decisions I made that were difficult, but were best for me. Like dropping out of school years ago (I did go back later), changing jobs, …

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