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I Don’t Care

I love it when I remember something I didn’t even know I remembered. Yesterday a crazy memory bubbled up from somewhere in my addled storage facility. Years ago I took an evening art class – Watercolor Painting.  (Sometimes I wish I were British so I could type Watercolour. Isn’t that classy?  And I’d say “Whilst” …

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I had a beach day yesterday. I love the beach, but my joy of the beach has always been mingled with overwhelming worry. Worry about my body. I’ve written many times about my self-consciousness on the beach. When I was a teenager, I worried about how skinny I was. I cannot think now of anything …

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While We’re At It

Most people agreed with me when I said that we should all pay more compliments. There are opportunities every day to pay someone a sincere compliment. And we shouldn’t let those opportunities pass by. It’s so easy to make someone’s day. So speaking of making someone’s day, how about you? Shouldn’t you be paying yourself …

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It Wasn’t Me

I just came back from a fabulous destination wedding/vacation in St. Lucia. My husband and I think we are traveling when we drive from Connecticut to Rhode Island and stay in a bed-and-breakfast a WHOLE night. So this was WAY out of our comfort zone. And so worth it. And as long as we were …

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It was appropriate that as we approached the beach the radio was playing,“She Wore An Itsy-Bitsy, Teenie-Weenie, Yellow Polka Dot Bikini.” Not that what I was wearing was itsy-bitsy or teenie-weenie or even yellow polka dot. But it was a bikini. And I was afraid to come out of the locker. I had promised my …

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I Have No Shame

It’s gone. I’ve always been a very self-conscious person. And not only self-conscious. I’m “other-conscious” too. Because, in addition to worrying incessantly about the impression I am making, I also worry about the impression someone else might be making. Do you ever feel that way? Embarrassed for the guy whose fly is down? For the …

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Taking My Own Advice

It’s time. Time to go to the beach. In my bathing suit. Saturday was hot and clear, and so my husband and I got up early. I blew off my Zumba class and put on my new bathing suit. (This is tricky -I need the class in order to wear the swimsuit, but if I …

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