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The Perils of a Long Marriage

A while ago, I started to recognize the symptoms that I have been married a long time. I am beginning to sound like my husband. Like when I said to the salesman at the kitchen shop, “I might be tempted to buy this skillet if you could give me a ten percent discount.” Uh-oh, I …

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Let’s Put It In Context

Okay, I confessed to a few tiny little imperfections in my wifely role (“Bad Wife“). Which reminds me of the only joke my very serious mother-in-law ever told me: Several months into a very happy honeymoon, one morning the husband says to his wife,  “Honey, I love you so much. But now that we have …

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Let Me Hint Louder

Because I didn’t marry until I was forty, I missed an important little fact about men. (Of course it is possible that missing this lesson was one reason why I didn’t marry until forty.) It’s intuition. Men have none.  They have no sense of ‘sense’. When I was a little girl, communication with my mother …

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