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Birthday Antics

Not mine. I had my antics back in February. But I’m not very high on the Antic Scale anyway. I’d rate myself a 3.5 on the Antic Scale. Although I used to be a 1.2, so I am definitely upping my antics as I age. My husband, in his younger days, was about a 7.8, …

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My New Role Model

In my last post, “Slow Down,” I wrote: Is it fun? Then why am I not doing it? Yes, I want to have more fun. And no, this is not exactly an original idea. I stole it. I stole it from Theo. Yes, my dog is my new role model. I’ve observed over the last …

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Doggy Bag

That instrument of scientific, well-documented information dissemination – the internet – tells me that Grapefruit is making a comeback. I’m so glad. I like grapefruit, but I certainly wouldn’t eat grapefruit if it was out of fashion. It’s a good thing I didn’t know was out of fashion. So I have been spared. But you …

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Just What I Always Wanted (Really)

Yes, that is the title of my novel. But it’s also exactly how I feel about this little guy.   What more could I possibly want?   Merry Christmas! With love from Nancy & Theo  

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