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You’re Fine

Last year I wrote about Being Kind – To That Special Someone. Meaning YOU. I think in this difficult time – and in good times too, all time, really – we need to be a lot nicer to ourselves. Use the good china. Buy yourself flowers. Take a walk and look at the trees instead of your phone. And please, please, please – Don’t be …

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Just A Second

There’s an old joke:  The definition of a split second is the interval between when the light turns green and when the guy behind you honks his horn. We all know we’ve been there too….both as the honker and the honkee. But I’d like to suggest – as part of my Year Of Kindness – …

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The older I get, the more I desire to be true to myself. That can be a little tricky for women. We have so many faces. I see my husband – and other men – who seem to have one role, one face. “This is who I am.” they say. And it is who they …

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Waiting Patiently For Patience

If you were born any time after 1970, you probably remember the energy crisis of 1979. The revolution in Iran had curtailed oil production. In retrospect the decline in oil production was quite small, but no one seemed to know that then. The crisis was not due to a true oil shortage, but the Fear …

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Not Quite Patient

Patience is a wonderful thing.  So is impatience. I am willing to wait a long time for what I really want. I didn’t marry until I was forty.  And as I approach my twentieth anniversary, I know it was definitely worth the wait. So why do I endorse impatience too? Because when you impatiently fill …

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