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In Praise Of Pantyhose

Erma Bombeck, graduated from the University of Dayton in 1949, lived with her husband and family in Centerville, Ohio, and inspired people worldwide with her columns and books about life’s trials and tribulations. Her memory lives on with the Erma Bombeck Writing Competition hosted every two years by the Washington-Centerville Public Library and the Erma Bombeck …

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I Need Insurance

Last week I had a dream in which my husband was sitting with a big cup of coffee – (which is realistic, but given this dream, it probably should have been a big martini) – and he said to me: “Your body is looking so good this summer – you should go out and get …

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Don’t Be Cruel

Years ago I was in love with an uncaring snob. (I called him Bluto in my post, “Kissing Frogs”; not because he was a bully like Popeye’s Bluto or gross like Belushi’s Bluto. He was oblivious Bluto.) To say our relationship was one-sided is a pathetic understatement. I was in love. He barely remembered my name. …

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Even I’M not THAT vain

Spring. That special time of year. Time for renewal. Time for change. Time to change to my cotton cardigans. As I lighten my wardrobe (and this year my hair), it always becomes clear to me how very light I am. For a person who was originally a brunette, I am extremely pale. Like the white …

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