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Teeny Tiny Joys

This is a tough time for old hippies like me. We joined the establishment decades ago, but tried throughout to keep our values intact. We’ve championed the needs of the poor and the powerless, worked to protect human rights and preserve the environment, protested war and corruption – all while also trying to support our …

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La La Land (Part 2)

I wrote a blog a week or so ago about La La Land, which was really about the movies and my moviegoing companions. (Totally off subject –  I’ve never been crazy about the word ‘blog’. I tend to think of my little essays as ‘episodes’ – doesn’t that sound nicer? Like my brain is a …

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Look On The Bright Side

Don’t you just love it when someone you think is pretty smart makes an observation that matches exactly an opinion that you happen to have?  I so enjoy that validation. This week I was reading the latest post by Jenny Lawson, The Bloggess. (If you haven’t read The Bloggess, and if your taste runs to …

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