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Niagara Falls, Part Two

Back in the early 80s, I took an aerobics class at a local storefront fitness center. It was women only, so we weren’t trying to impress any Hans and Franz dudes. But it didn’t stop us from being adorable. This is me in 1983 in my favorite aerobics outfit. Yeah, you’re looking at a high-cut …

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Niagara Falls, Part One

Thursday, May 24, 2012. One of my very best days. Well, not the whole day. I had an excellent nineteen minutes. The best nineteen hair minutes of my life. I took my shower and washed my hair as usual. Also as usual, I applied my three special styling products. A special root lifter first, then …

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Tickets are Nonrefundable

Checking my mail on Yahoo the other day, an ad in the sidebar caught my eye. I can’t even remember the product – but the catchphrase was memorable:  “Your Menopause Journey.” Yup, I’ve been on that journey.  And it’s a very slow ride.  I don’t even know exactly where I’m headed. But I think there …

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Over the past several weeks, I have written and discarded several posts about hot flashes. Like lots of women, I’ve got the hots, but it seems that everything I could say about these ‘special’ experiences has already been said. They’re annoying. They’re uncomfortable. They’re funny. They’re embarrassing.  Yada yada yada.  On the whole, I don’t …

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