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I No Longer Wish To Decide

All my adult life, I have been a decision-maker. When I was a little girl, my hand was always raised in class. In fact, I was usually jumping out of my seat in my enthusiasm for answering a question. Any question: Where is Mexico?  When was the French Revolution? What time is lunch? Having two …

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How I Almost Went To Hell

Back in the 80s, I spent about a year as the general manager of a Cable TV system.  It was a small system in a little Connecticut town, but it was owned by one of the big giant cable operators. I’m sure you know the one, because they are The One. I had been a …

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Hang Up.

Just about everyone gets a bad boss sooner or later. At my age, I’ve been through several.  My motto has always been, “Just Outlast the Bastard.” For the most part, that mantra has worked pretty well.  Executives seem to either rise in the organization or leave.  So I just hang on till the obnoxious boss …

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