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What You Can Learn

Well, here it is again. Another birthday. I’m now 68. How in the world did that happen? In some ways, being 68 is scary. But overall, it’s not so bad. My father lived to 88. My mother is still gracing this world with her lovely presence at 95. So I figure I probably still have …

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Learning… And Leaving

When I was working on my M.B.A., the most difficult class I took was Investment Finance. I was an English major (so naturally working as a typist/file clerk), and only had a superficial interest in business, but my employer was paying, and I did really like school. Of any kind. I seemed to have an …

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Not Going First

Here’s a story: When my nephew was a little boy, he had a friend that he often played with. Every time they played a game, his small friend always started the game by saying, “I’ll go first!” I remember wanting my nephew to SAY something about this – to stand up for himself and say, …

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Oh, Grow Up!

Remember that book from about twenty-five years ago – “All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten” ? It was a cute little book with life lessons like: “Put things back.” “Don’t take stuff that isn’t yours.” “Wash your hands before you eat.” The book was a huge hit, but I’m not sure …

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