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Second Opinion

In the last few years I have seen several instances where seeking a second opinion has saved someone’s life – or at least saved someone from unnecessary treatment or surgery. An incorrect diagnosis nearly doomed someone I love. I am grateful every day that he sought that second opinion. No one person has all the …

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Being Kind – To That Special Someone

You!  I mean You! In my obsession with Kindness this year, I have written about the many kindnesses we should extend to others, and the many kindnesses that others extend to us. But Kindness starts in the mirror. Why do you have to be so hard on yourself? Can’t you see how wonderful you are? …

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So Close, But Yet So Far

guess who?

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Dad, The Annoying

Every year at this time, I remember my Dad’s birthday with a small tribute. I’ve discussed some of the things I loved about him (‘The Smartest Person’), and some of the things that he loved (“Of Tom Mix and Clam Chowder”). But my Dad was just a guy after all, and he could be just as annoying …

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The Dishwashing Experience

The phenomenon of “Dishpan Diarrhea” really seemed to strike a chord with many readers. (which I’ll admit is a strange metaphor, but who’s to say that diarrhea is not melodic?) But I digress. Since so many of you could relate to dish-washing avoidance, I figured I could milk the idea expound on the subject for one …

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Oh, Dear. I’m June Cleaver.

This past weekend we had company.  My husband’s cousin and his wife spent a few nights. Folks don’t stay over much.  We live out in the country,and most of our friends and relatives think we are somewhere north of Vladivostok. (actually, it’s Connecticut.) But we had a family wedding. Our houseguests’ daughter was getting married …

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