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We Are Different

A few months ago, I wrote about my upcoming 50th high school reunion (Using And Losing Time). I was anticipating the event with both pleasure and anxiety. I was looking forward to seeing old friends again. But I worried that I had not been as ‘successful’ as I would have wished. That I wasted too …

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Bird Droppings

When I was a freshman in high school, I had a pretty long walk to school. And I added to my long walk by meeting up with some friends who did not live near me. I had to walk several blocks in the opposite direction of the school in order to join them. I could …

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The Seniors’ Door

Back when I was in high school – which was either just yesterday or fifty years ago, I forget which – there was a tradition associated with a door. The Seniors’ Door. The high school was a low, 2-story sprawling structure. I don’t think it was all built at the same time. It looked to …

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When I was a junior in high school, I missed the same verb on two consecutive French tests. This pissed me off – only I didn’t say ‘pissed off’ at the time – I don’t think anyone used that term in 1968. I think we were just easing ourselves into “bummed out.” In frustration – …

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Carry That Weight

Genius, they call it. And I cannot disagree. This little gadget I can carry in my purse or tuck under my pillow or in my desk drawer so I can sneak a few paragraphs when I am supposed to be on a conference call…. . Oh, I resisted for a long time. I like books. …

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The Popular Table, Part 1

I had excellent friends in high school. They were smart and funny and generous. We went to basketball games, and talked about boys, and complained about parents. We sat at the same lunch table every day and laughed and cried over our tunafish sandwiches. But still, there was this tiny disloyal part of me that …

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The Ugly Duckling Advantage

A few days ago my husband and I went out to dinner.  We went to a very nice restaurant that we don’t frequent very often. But we were really good about ordering the healthiest options on the menu. We’re both making extra efforts to be healthier. Our program is called “Fear of Death.” About halfway …

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Not Quite Pulitzer Material

I’m swimming in awards these past two weeks. I’ve been nominated for Versatile Blogger and Liebster Blogger by Prairie Wisdom sandylikeabeach Lorna’s View whatimeant2say kiwsparks Rita’s Reflections  as well as nice mentions in blogs by RVing Girl and BigSheepCommunications. I could get really conceited  (okay, I already AM really conceited).  But I know these compliments …

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Bad Hair Years

I had a bad hair day yesterday. I went to my nephew’s wedding. And no, I didn’t wear the fringed slip. But I did wear a low cut, tight black dress, and danced “Shout” with abandon. But my hair — not so hot. My bangs, which often torment me with a life of their own, …

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