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The Joys Of August

It’s August. The political conventions are over. They have left me with sleepless nights and high blood pressure. And there are so many days to go of increasing nastiness and vicious side-taking. I worry. I want us all to be okay. I am from the Woodstock generation, after all. I thought – for a very …

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Defining Joy

Yesterday a friend remarked to me that he wished he had more joy in his life. I felt bad for him. My own day was filled with joy. When I woke up I felt the warmth of my cat who had nestled himself behind the crook of my knee. I showered with my favorite fragrant …

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5 Things You Deserve Now

Years ago, when I was single – I’d say young and carefree, except I wasn’t quite that young, and I’m not sure I was ever carefree –  I went out to dinner with a girlfriend. It was a fairly skimpy meal as I recall, and we were deep in a conversation (probably about work…we hardly …

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The Sweet Spot

Dogs are good at lots of things. Welcoming you is probably their best talent. They will protect your house and take a walk with you and comfort you when you are sad. They also can bring you sticks and run around in circles. Cats, like Stewart here, excel at finding the sweet spot.  That one place …

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