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The Big Reveal

I’m going to deviate from my normal format –  Silly Vanity, and venture into Serious Vanity. For more than a year, I’ve been sharing my desperate attempts to be young, and six months ago, I decided on how much younger I wanted to be. I decided to be forty-six. I figured that subtracting fifteen years …

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Let Them Eat Cookies

Usually on the weekend, I bake bread. I like baking bread. Kneading the dough is very therapeutic. And the house smells fabulous. And of course the bread is delicious. Unfortunately,sometimes I just don’t have time. Like this weekend. But I threw together some blueberry muffins, so we had a few day’s worth of breakfasts ready. By …

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Ingredient List

My husband loves junk food.  But he hates to spend money on junk food.  So he buys the cheapest candy and cookies he can find. It’s my opinion (and therefore superior) that, if you are going to eat chocolate (or a cookie, or whatever) – if you are going to have all those empty calories, …

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