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An old friend from work is in a very messy situation. She’s a wreck. Her family is a wreck.  And there is no way to get around it – she brought it on herself. I’m sure you know someone like Maggie. If there are two choices, she will pick the worse one every time. It’s …

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The Horribles

I haven’t written lately. I don’t even know what to say during these horrible days. But I’ll take a few minutes to ramble. Maybe it will help. Is it possible to be bored and terrified at the same time? The hardest thing this past month has been not seeing my mother. She’s 96 and I …

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Not Quite A Friend

There’s a woman who belongs to the same circle of friends as I do. I don’t particularly like this woman. I don’t like her politics. I don’t like most of her opinions. We don’t enjoy the same hobbies. We have little in common. But she lost someone close to her and yesterday was the sad …

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When Reality Disappoints

There is an author I greatly admire. She is a novelist and essayist, a columnist and, well, I guess although the word is out of fashion, you could also call her an orator. She is profound and brilliant. She is also on Twitter. And so I am following her on Twitter. I am a fan. …

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This week my mother turned 93. She is still as brilliant and beautiful as the woman I admired when I was just a little girl. I thought as a tribute to this amazing woman, I would share just one short anecdote from this week. We had our weekly lunch as usual, and we talked about …

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