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Not Quite A Friend

There’s a woman who belongs to the same circle of friends as I do. I don’t particularly like this woman. I don’t like her politics. I don’t like most of her opinions. We don’t enjoy the same hobbies. We have little in common. But she lost someone close to her and yesterday was the sad …

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When Reality Disappoints

There is an author I greatly admire. She is a novelist and essayist, a columnist and, well, I guess although the word is out of fashion, you could also call her an orator. She is profound and brilliant. She is also on Twitter. And so I am following her on Twitter. I am a fan. …

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This week my mother turned 93. She is still as brilliant and beautiful as the woman I admired when I was just a little girl. I thought as a tribute to this amazing woman, I would share just one short anecdote from this week. We had our weekly lunch as usual, and we talked about …

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