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Just Admit It

Did you ever see an animal screw up and then look embarrassed? It happens sometimes. A dog swings a toy and hits himself in the face. A cat jumps to the counter and misses. A robin loses his battle with a worm. A usually surefooted squirrel wipes out on ice-crusted snow. And they might looked …

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Mashed Potatoes

Exactly one year ago, I wrote – albeit indirectly – about mashed potatoes (Humbled).  That post was really about learning from animals to be a better human, and the mashed potatoes were an example of Excess. But here I am again, using Mashed Potatoes in another metaphor. A metaphor for one of my favorite subjects:  …

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I Have No Shame

It’s gone. I’ve always been a very self-conscious person. And not only self-conscious. I’m “other-conscious” too. Because, in addition to worrying incessantly about the impression I am making, I also worry about the impression someone else might be making. Do you ever feel that way? Embarrassed for the guy whose fly is down? For the …

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