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The Old Woman I Will Be

Another birthday. A big one. 65. Over the last few weeks, I have been preoccupied with the significance of 65. Two thirds of my life is behind me. Maybe more. Do I have 30 years left? What if it is only 10? I’ve wasted a lot of time in 65 years.  John Lennon said, “Time …

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The List Of Us

(While my computer undergoes a (hopefully) brief hospitalization, here’s a poem from my poetry site With Resistance.) The List Of Us In my father’s wallet we found one small sheet torn from a notebook folded and re-folded sliced through in the crease and in my father’s careful hand were all his children’s names and birthdates …

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Perfectly Dirty

As I’ve written before, every day helpful emails jump into my inbox, offering assistance in the most important  facets of my life. If I had to categorize them, they’d look something like this: HELPFUL EMAILS BY TYPE The sex emails – though plentiful – I usually ignore. I would much rather read about makeup than …

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