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The Bowling Alley Revelation

-OR- How My Sister’s Embarrassing Mishap Led Me To My Passion   This incident occurred about 50 years ago. So I am not saying that I remember it all accurately. And although I could ask my sister – since it is her incident, not mine – I really don’t want her to screw up my …

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I Want A Do-Over

My last post was filled with sweet college memories. Because I am still filled with nostalgia for college – as I am every September – here’s a post from three years ago…   DO-OVER Every September, as I watch the kids go back to school, I get the same yearning. I wish it were me …

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Every September, as I watch the kids go back to school, I get the same yearning. I wish it were me packing up Dad’s station wagon to go off to college. I’d take my favorite pillow, and those narrow twin-bed sheets and an Indian batik bedspread. I’d bring my popcorn popper to warm a can …

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The Popular Table, Part 2

In the summer of 1969 – the summer between high school and college – there occurred an event so enormous it changed my life forever. I know what you are thinking – Apollo 11 – the moon landing! The triumph of science and exploration! Umm.  No. Woodstock! I wasn’t there. In fact, I was so …

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Halloween Guilt: How I Scared The Crap Out Of An Eight-Year-Old

It was unintentional. But I should have known better. It was the Fall of 1974. I was a senior in college and doing my student teaching in Puerto Rico. (Yeah, yeah. You’re doing the math and figuring out that I was 23. So I took a few extra years in college.  So what? I liked …

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Oh, The Irony!

Yes, my husband complained about the hardships of preparing a sandwich, while I was cooking dinner. (“Let’s Put It In Context“) But writing about that little incident reminded me that my husband isn’t alone in failing to recognize bad timing. Let’s go back a few years… forty to be exact. (Oh yeah, I still remember. It’s …

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Letters From Home

Lest you think my family was being mean to my mother in poking fun at her lost Frank Sinatra record, let me tell you a little story about my mother’s sense of humor … I was in college in the early 70’s.  No one had very much money, but you didn’t need much either. My …

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I’m Finally Ready

In the winter of my junior year of college, the brief phenomenon known as Streaking streaked through our campus. Boys in thick work boots and wool hats and nothing else ran by the women’s dorms every evening. One night, a dozen boys staged a relay.  We watched from our windows as they ran by in one-minute …

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