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I Missed The Train

(A reprise – one of my favorite posts from a few years ago) I Missed The Train The current heat wave reminds me of the first time I ever wanted to be a grown-up. Some kids can’t wait to grow up; but not me. I liked being a kid. I could not picture life without …

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I’m Not Quitting My Day Job

I celebrated Labor Day by skipping any Labor whatsoever. But being a good nose-to-the-grindstone New Englander, I feel I should also celebrate Labor Day by celebrating actual Labor. I like my job. Let me count the ways. 1. First of all, they pay me. Well, duh. I work; I get paid. Only fair. But think …

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How I Almost Went To Hell

Back in the 80s, I spent about a year as the general manager of a Cable TV system.  It was a small system in a little Connecticut town, but it was owned by one of the big giant cable operators. I’m sure you know the one, because they are The One. I had been a …

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Rank And File

I have stunning powers of concentration. When I am engrossed in a book (or in my work, even though I much prefer a book), the entire world vanishes. You can walk into my office and when you start to speak, you have to scrape me off the ceiling. I once had a ecology-minded job where …

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A Little Lesson in Humility

As I moved up the ladder at my big corporate job… …oh, that reminds me of an old admonition: “As you climb the ladder of success Don’t let the boys look up your dress.” Let me start again: As I moved up the ladder at my big corporate job, I got to partake in some …

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Not Quite Instant Karma

When I was eleven, I stole an idea. It was 1962, and I was hospitalized briefly for a minor problem. Not being really sick, I was very happy to be in the hospital, where I could get all kinds of attention and sympathy. I was enjoying myself tremendously. The girl in the next bed had …

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