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A New Best Day!

The best day of my life – February 9, 1964 – might just have been replaced! Fifty Years and Six Months later: HERE IT IS! I am an author! Really and Truly! My book is (finally!) for sale on Amazon:   I have a cover!     I have a back cover! I have a …

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The World’s Best Invention

When I wrote last month about the jewelry box my mother bought for me when I was twelve, several people located the box for sale on the web (the same place I found the photo) and suggested I buy it again. For the memory of it. But I don’t need to buy someone else’s similar …

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The Best Book I Ever Read

We haven’t had much snow this Winter (Autumn, however, was ridiculous). We had a little snow last weekend, and as I looked out over the slope of our backyard, I thought about sledding. And the image of sledding always reminds me of… Annette Funicello. When I was about ten, I became friends with a girl …

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