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It’s my mother’s birthday. She’s 90. I can hardly believe it. To me, she’s still my glamorous mom, and I’m her little girl, trying to follow in her footsteps. When someone says, “Oh no, I’m becoming my mother!” – I laugh. But really there’s not much I would like better than to become my mother. …

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When Nineteen Was Far Away

I’m sixty-two today. It’s true what they say about time passing more quickly as you get older.  The last twenty years especially are like a book that I just skimmed through. I wish I had read every line more carefully. I may had missed some hidden meaning in my race to the next chapter. There …

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It’s My Party……………………… And I’ll Photoshop If I Want To

Today’s my birthday. The day I have to change my “About” page.  Since I started my blog in July, it has read “I’m sixty” – but today it says “I’m sixty-one.” I guess I need to change my blog photo too. I’ve been proud of that photo. I took it exactly one year ago. I …

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