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When I go to the beach, I spend most of my time counting. Counting heads. I watch everyone. I worry about someone drowning. Someone might not be watching someone they love. Just for a split second. Someone looks away and someone goes under. It won’t happen on my watch. Because I watch. My mother watched. …

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Growing Up

I have been reflecting on my lack of a summer vacation this year. I’m not complaining. We had a fabulous trip to Jamaica in March – which will satisfy us for a year at least. Maybe two years if we want to pay for that trip before we travel again. We have a beautiful yard …

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I had a beach day yesterday. I love the beach, but my joy of the beach has always been mingled with overwhelming worry. Worry about my body. I’ve written many times about my self-consciousness on the beach. When I was a teenager, I worried about how skinny I was. I cannot think now of anything …

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My Favorite Days – Part Three

The third in my posts leading up to the best day of my life: The Day Of The Goat I am not even sure what day this was, never mind what year. If I had to guess, I would say sometime in August around 1995. My husband and I went to the beach in Rhode …

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Slimmer In Seconds!

Thank Goodness! My first trip to the beach this year was somewhat traumatic. But my next trip is going to be perfect. Because just sent me the most fantastic beach tips:  “How To Fake Slimmer In Seconds!” And it’s so easy! 1. Break out the sparkly nail polish.  Use a flesh tone though, because, …

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Taking My Own Advice

It’s time. Time to go to the beach. In my bathing suit. Saturday was hot and clear, and so my husband and I got up early. I blew off my Zumba class and put on my new bathing suit. (This is tricky -I need the class in order to wear the swimsuit, but if I …

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