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Love Your Stuff

Recently I wrote that I love my things, but my things don’t love me back. (The Things I Love) And I do love my stuff. But I often find myself minimizing my stuff.  You know, pretending that I don’t care about it or that I only bought it because it was on sale – the …

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Another Year Older And Deeper In Debt

Oh, not the kind of debt that includes credit cards and mortgages. Of course, I have that kind of debt. But today is another birthday, and I’m deeper in debt because of all the people and things that help me cope – that help me be happy, when sometimes in this crazy year it would …

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Losing It (And Rediscovering It)

A few days ago I misplaced something in my own house. It was a small stack of books. Five copies of my own novel that were earmarked for a giveaway on Goodreads. I had them. They were on the kitchen counter, right near the breadbox. They were there for days. And then I picked them …

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2018. Another year. What do I wish to accomplish? Of course I want to lose weight and exercise and clean the house and take better care of my skin. And also, of course, write another book. But on a day-to-day basis. I want to think. And I want those thoughts to go to work.  Maybe not go to work. To come …

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One of the rules I try to live by is to pay lots of compliments. I don’t mean smarmy false flattery. I mean the real thing. I believe there is at least one occasion EVERY DAY to pay someone a sincere compliment. Just look around you. You are surrounded by people looking nice, doing great …

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