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I Never Imagined

Recently I overheard two women discussing how their lives turned out so differently from what they had imagined. It got me to thinking about how that might be true for me too. Only when I really thought about it, I could not claim my life was different from what I had pictured, because I realized …

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I heard it again yesterday. The sound in the chimney that can only mean one thing. Swifts. We’ve had these houseguests before. Several times. A few years ago, I start hearing strange noises in the chimney. My husband is hard of hearing, but he doesn’t let that stop him from telling me I am nuts …

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Waiting Patiently For Patience

If you were born any time after 1970, you probably remember the energy crisis of 1979. The revolution in Iran had curtailed oil production. In retrospect the decline in oil production was quite small, but no one seemed to know that then. The crisis was not due to a true oil shortage, but the Fear …

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Midnight Conversations

12:00 AM Stewart the Cat:  “Meow. Ha ha ha. You’re doomed. Meow.” John Doe the Mouse: “Eek.  No no no. Eek eek.” Me:  “Honey, wake up.” Him: “Unhn. ” Me:  “Honey, wake up.” Him:  “Okay.” 12:02 AM Stewart: “Meow. You can’t escape. Meow.” John Doe: “Eek. Eek.  I will run under the bed. Eek.” Me: …

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