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Let Me Count The Ways

Today, on my twentieth wedding anniversary, I am re-posting this tribute to my sweet husband (originally posted on Sept 11): ******* I laugh at my husband – a lot. This is because I find human behavior very funny, and I get to observe his behavior more than most other humans. Except myself of course. I …

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Twenty-Year Rewards, Part Two

My husband has very good taste in jewelry.  He has given me pearls and diamonds and emeralds and sapphires. He has educated himself quite well in gemology.  He had to approve my new diamond-encrusted wedding band. He doesn’t like cheap stuff.  I sometimes think he shops in the same store as Queen Elizabeth. But while …

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Twenty-Year Rewards, Part One

This week is our twentieth wedding anniversary. Neither of us can quite believe that it has been twenty years.  At the same time, it feels like we were married yesterday and that we have been married forever.  Really forever. As part of self-congratulation week, we decided to treat ourselves to special gifts. I went first. …

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Not Quite Pulitzer Material

I’m swimming in awards these past two weeks. I’ve been nominated for Versatile Blogger and Liebster Blogger by Prairie Wisdom sandylikeabeach Lorna’s View whatimeant2say kiwsparks Rita’s Reflections  as well as nice mentions in blogs by RVing Girl and BigSheepCommunications. I could get really conceited  (okay, I already AM really conceited).  But I know these compliments …

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Second Hand Rose

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for my sisters. That’s me in the middle on the first day of school.  I was six, I think.  That would make Christine (on the left) ten, and Claudia (on the right) just shy of nine. I loved my sisters.  Although my mother will tell you that we bickered constantly. …

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It’s Dicey

My husband keeps me guessing.  Just when I think I have him figured out… I like to cook but I hate cutting stuff up.  Even salad is too much of a chore. Years ago,  I got in the habit of just buying the stuff my sister-in-law calls “Yuppie Chow” – salad in a bag. Then …

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Tickets are Nonrefundable

Checking my mail on Yahoo the other day, an ad in the sidebar caught my eye. I can’t even remember the product – but the catchphrase was memorable:  “Your Menopause Journey.” Yup, I’ve been on that journey.  And it’s a very slow ride.  I don’t even know exactly where I’m headed. But I think there …

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Country Mouse

When I went on my big shopping excursion last week (which I have decided to call The Week of the Purple Cords), I was surprised that my favorite store didn’t have what I was looking for. I will call this store Merlins, because I am not a paid endorser. (Although I could be… So if …

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A Streetcar Named Ernie

I always thought I would marry an artsy kind of guy. But every time I dated a man who knew about the ballet, or literature, or film –  nothing ever sparked. Then I met a man who knew NOTHING about culture.  Really Nothing. And I was delighted with him. He knew cars and tools and …

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Vanishing Waist-land

Last weekend, for the first time in five months, I treated myself to an all-day shopping excursion. I bought shoes and makeup and jewelry, so I was a happy girl.  But I was also on a mission for some practical stuff. I have at least thirty sweaters and a dozen white camisoles, (“I’m Sticking With It“) so I’m …

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