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Another Branch Of The Brag

I am greatly amused (when I am not greatly annoyed) by the Humblebrag, and the subset that I have classified the Bummerbrag. Yes, people love to sound humble. It doesn’t matter if they are secretly boasting, if it’s just a modest, self-effacing little brag. And I’ve noticed yet another branch of demurely-wrapped arrogance. The Job …

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Making Waves

You know those wave machines on cruise ships and amusement parks?  The ones that let you surf in a swimming pool?   No?  Truthfully, me neither. I’m neither a cruise ship nor amusement park type of person. For the same reason:  Nausea. (Our local amusement park went through a major renovation about thirty years ago. …

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I’m Not Quitting My Day Job

I celebrated Labor Day by skipping any Labor whatsoever. But being a good nose-to-the-grindstone New Englander, I feel I should also celebrate Labor Day by celebrating actual Labor. I like my job. Let me count the ways. 1. First of all, they pay me. Well, duh. I work; I get paid. Only fair. But think …

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