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Getting Through The Workday

I’ve had a lot of great jobs in my life. I’ve also had a couple of miserable jobs. But even when the job is miserable there are great moments in there. And even when the job is great, there are bound to be some miserable moments. I don’t have to tell you that you should …

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One Easy Resolution For 2015

This is a story with a moral. And the moral offers one easy New Year’s resolution that is guaranteed to make your life better. I mean it: Easy and Guaranteed. What more could you ask?   Years ago, I was in a very bad situation with my job. My boss and I – after years …

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On The Job Training

I was commenting about work on a friend’s blog, when it occurred to me that I have been working for forty years. (And it would have been even longer except that I stretched out college for absolutely as long as my parents could stand.) Well, forty years of work life has provided me with some …

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