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Corporal Mysteries

This is not a “Whatever happened to Max Klinger?” type of Corporal Mystery. No, this is Corporal in the sense of “What the heck is going on with my body?” As I come within a week of turning sixty-two, it has occurred to me that in many ways my body is still an enigma to …

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The Evil Trickster

After twenty-two years of loyal service, our precious scale died just before Christmas.  It stayed the loving companion to the end – expiring with the sweetest gesture a scale has ever delivered.  With its last dying breath, it said I weighed 87 pounds. My husband buried it in the cellar – because he can’t throw …

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I was a really skinny kid. My knees were the biggest part of me. Big bony joints set in the middle of some weird twigs. It doesn’t matter so much when you are eight. Everybody’s knees are scabby wonderlands anyway. Miniskirts were popular when I was in high school in the sixties. I was still …

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