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Expiration Date

Well, it only took two days after I wrote about my mother’s vanity (Not Quite Fourteen) to find out I was wrong.  I don’t need a full retraction, but a slight modification is certainly in order. Last night I discovered that there may actually be an expiration date on Vanity. It just might be that Vanity …

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Just Browsing

No gray hair for me.  I’ve taken care of that issue for years.  I’m a nice golden brown color, and I’m staying that way for the next ten years at least. But what is up with my EYEBROWS? My eyebrows have always looked like this: They have an okay shape, as long as I do …

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Size Creep

Two years ago I lost 12 lbs.  The incentive was my 40th high school reunion.  I was really skinny in high school, and although I will never be skinny again, I wanted to look young.  Specifically, I wanted to looked younger than a few select classmates.  Preferably, younger than all my classmates. I wasn’t exactly …

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Not Quite Old – Yoga

My favorite part of Eat, Pray, Love –no wait—my favorite part was scarfing down all of Italy.  Let me rephrase—the only part of “Pray” that I liked was one little paragraph where Elizabeth Gilbert describes her meditation.  She’s really beginning to enjoy the mindful solitude of meditation.  So much so that deep in the serenity …

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