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The Naked Truth

WARNING:  I hate the thought of offending anyone, so if you do not want to read about lots of man-parts and lady-parts, please come back on a different day. I considered not writing this at all, but an author-friend of mine said, “Are you crazy? All that fabulous material – and you aren’t going to …

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This week my husband and I took our annual micro-vacation. Neither of us likes to be away from home too long – for me, because I can’t bear to be without all my clothes and makeup and hair products, and for him, because he is afraid the pets will pine for him. Sure enough, I …

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On The Job Training

I was commenting about work on a friend’s blog, when it occurred to me that I have been working for forty years. (And it would have been even longer except that I stretched out college for absolutely as long as my parents could stand.) Well, forty years of work life has provided me with some …

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It Wasn’t Me

I just came back from a fabulous destination wedding/vacation in St. Lucia. My husband and I think we are traveling when we drive from Connecticut to Rhode Island and stay in a bed-and-breakfast a WHOLE night. So this was WAY out of our comfort zone. And so worth it. And as long as we were …

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Vacation Plans

This week,Coming East wrote about her “Anti-Bucket List” – about all the things she would never want to do. The first thing that popped into my head was that I didn’t want to eat any bugs. Because I don’t care to ingest insects, I guess I would not be a very good candidate for “Survivor”. I …

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