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How I Won The Dance Contest

HOW I WON THE DANCE CONTEST – OR- PERSPECTIVE IS EVERYTHING In 1965, the local radio station threw a block party. The AM station, WBIS, was insignificant and unpopular. Their claim to fame was that the actor Bob Crane had started his career there. The Hartford stations WPOP and WDRC were the stations everyone listened …

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Storage Space

We finally! (yes, that’s Finally with an exclamation point!) had a beautiful Sunday here in Connecticut. And so we took a nice drive in the convertible. We were headed towards the shoreline for a lobster dinner to celebrate my husband’s birthday. Top down, the sun on my face (and kneecaps, I found out later), the …

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Pen Pals – Facebook Style

I am friends with a famous author.  Facebook friends. This is not just a case where I clicked ‘Liked’ and now I get posts about the next novel in process or book signing appearance.  I do have some celebrity Facebook friends like that.  And I kind of like these famous people sharing little snippets with …

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