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The Joys Of August

It’s August. The political conventions are over. They have left me with sleepless nights and high blood pressure. And there are so many days to go of increasing nastiness and vicious side-taking. I worry. I want us all to be okay. I am from the Woodstock generation, after all. I thought – for a very …

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The Drive-In

Summer is finally here!   I love Summer. And it makes me remember the Drive-In. So here is a reprise from four years ago. ** THE DRIVE-IN You know what I miss? I miss the Drive-In. Drive-Ins were such a weird invention. Some nut-case (actually his name was Hollingshead) way back in the twenties decided that …

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Growing Up

I have been reflecting on my lack of a summer vacation this year. I’m not complaining. We had a fabulous trip to Jamaica in March – which will satisfy us for a year at least. Maybe two years if we want to pay for that trip before we travel again. We have a beautiful yard …

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My Favorite Days – Part Three

The third in my posts leading up to the best day of my life: The Day Of The Goat I am not even sure what day this was, never mind what year. If I had to guess, I would say sometime in August around 1995. My husband and I went to the beach in Rhode …

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