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Can’t Hardly Wait

In April of 1966, I was fifteen and a freshman in high school. There was some kind of evening event – a Spring Concert I think, although I now cannot remember. But back then, it was oh-so-important. And for some reason (or perhaps no reason at all) I wanted a trenchcoat to wear to this …

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Beginner’s Luck

I hate Beginner’s Luck. Beginner’s Luck is the way the universe makes raspberries at your ego. I didn’t have beginner’s luck as a kid. I didn’t have any kind of luck. I was the type of kid who never drew an ace in a game of War, but I could count on getting the Old …

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My Favorite Days – Part Four

The fourth in a series recounting the best days of my life (so far) – leading up to my very best day. Triple Great Days – The Book An essay I wrote ten years ago provided me with three of the best days of my life – over a span of seven years. One day …

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