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Reality Insists.

A low stone wall frames the patio. In Spring, We fill a dozen pots with flowers To set upon the wall. Inpatiens, Dahlias, Begonias surrounding the summer. Once filled, The heavy clay pots refuse to turn – Refuse to give the northern petals face time with the sun. This year, We bought three light pots. …

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Renaissance Woman

For a little girl who thought culture came from the tin-foiled rabbit ears on the big Sylvania TV  – after all, Ed Sullivan had ballet dancers as well as Topo Gigio – I somehow acquired fabulous Class. I’ve now been to the ballet. (It was just like The Ed Sullivan Show, although no one spinned …

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And Of Course Mom Was Right!

In my essay about my Mom’s advice (“Beyond Clean Underwear”), I quoted my Mother’s career advice: “Be as creative as you want, but also develop a skill to fall back on. I’ve never seen a want-ad for a poet.” She said this to me in my junior year of college.  I had just received a …

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