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I have a writer friend. Like many of my writer friends, I don’t truly know her. She’s a professional acquaintance. I like her. But mostly because I like writers. I don’t even remember how we became friends – or, more accurately, internet acquaintances. But it was many years ago. Maybe our first books came out …

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Looking Like Myself While Searching for Myself

Lately I have been bombarded on Instagram with ads for apps to photoshop my selfies. I love selfies. I admit it. Although I will also admit that I like them much much better when I look nice. One day late last summer we took the dog to the beach, and he was so adorable. I …

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It’s My Party……………………… And I’ll Photoshop If I Want To

Today’s my birthday. The day I have to change my “About” page.  Since I started my blog in July, it has read “I’m sixty” – but today it says “I’m sixty-one.” I guess I need to change my blog photo too. I’ve been proud of that photo. I took it exactly one year ago. I …

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