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I’ve said before that I can’t park. Parallel is ridiculous. Good thing I didn’t have to demonstrate to get my license. But the only place where I must parallel park is my Yoga class.  But I’ve worked it out. I wait by the fire hydrant for the previous class to get out. I wait for …

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A Little Lesson in Humility

As I moved up the ladder at my big corporate job… …oh, that reminds me of an old admonition: “As you climb the ladder of success Don’t let the boys look up your dress.” Let me start again: As I moved up the ladder at my big corporate job, I got to partake in some …

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We Can Walk To The Curb From Here.

(I promised I would write at least one essay on something that men do better than women.  Here it is.) In “Annie Hall”, when Alvy Singer first meets Annie, she gives him a ride home. It’s a harrowing ride, and when she finally stops in front of his place, he opens the car door and …

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